The First Collective Exhibition of Satellite Art Photography


When on 7th December 1972, the crew of Apollo 17 took the famous photo of the Earth lit by the sun at a distance of about 45,000 km, the collective imagery of our Earth was completely changed. The vision of the Earth, the so called “blue marble”, seen from the Space has enriched the very perception and knowledge of reality since then. Just think of the usefulness of the platforms of Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Street as extensions of imagination that have allowed us since 2004 to move virtually, to find our ways, to act in our everyday space.
And yet, the importance of satellites is not banished to the scientific and instrumental spheres only. Satellites have also become precious media as a source of creative inspiration. A satellite vision shows us that the Earth is not only an invaluable gift to safeguard, but also a wonder to be admired. This avant-gardiste perspective has led various artists to experiment numerous creative visions which have produced the innovative expression of Satellite Photographic Art.
In 2011, following an intuition, I started to produce my first works, while in 2013 I started to think about gathering a group of artists like myself, who, in different parts of the world, were experimenting the technique of satellite photography. This was the beginning of my research. In 2015, I got in touch with David Thomas Smith, for the first time. We met at the “Fondazione Mondo digitale” in Rome,
and on that occasion we presented our works to the EMEA President of Google. Later, I got in touch with Jenny Odell, Federico Winer, Carloalberto Treccani and Stephen Lund.
After years of research and work, it is a great satisfaction to present now, with the precious collaboration of its editor Maurizio Marco Tozzi, the first collective exhibition of Satellite Photographic Art, at LABottega in Marina di Pietrasanta. It is an international exhibition which gathers the greatest representatives of the new artistic trend with their different and personal styles: from the mirror-like images by Smith to the collages by Odell, to Treccani’s alphabets and Winer’s chromatic alterations, from the figures created by Lund though his bike itineraries to the landscape apophenias which characterise my own work.
The artistic visions here proposed, although united by the same technique, are heterogeneous, and give life to unique and particular ways of observing and portraying landscapes through the satellite medium. Our works invite to think of the real need we have to reconsider our approach to the Earth and to show the beauty of our planet which is already a work of art.
This first collective exhibition officially writes the first page of the Satellite Photographic Art group.


Max Serradifalco – Palermo, February 15, 2017