• Meta Land ArtApofenie Satellitari

    2017, Riso Museum Edition, language: Italian, texts by Fabiola Di Maggio, pages 112, cm 24x33, hardcover, limited edition of 700 numbered and signed, euro 35.00

  • Super-Modified. The Behance Book of Creative Work

    2015, Gestalten Editions, language: English, pages 285, cm 20x26,5, hardcover

  • Earth. Viaggio fotografico nel web

    2014, Ezio Pagano Editions, The Paperbacks of Art, n. 86, language: Italian and English, Texts by Maurizio Marco Tozzi, pages 72, cm 11,5x16,5, signed, euro 15,00

  • Web landscape photography

    2012, Plumelia Editions, language: Italian, texts by Aldo Gerbino and Arrigo Musti, pages 36, cm 21x21, hardcover, limited edition of 100 numbered and signed, euro 40.00