Max Serradifalco born in Palermo, Italy, in 1978, has developed a particular talent in seeing between the Earth forms of the real natural works of art. In the 2011 he design the artistic project “Web Landscape Photography”, for which he traveled to virtually all our planet in search of a new way to observe and reinterpret the natural landscapes of the Earth, without manipulating the image with other digital media. He was among the first artists in the world to have realized reportage using satellite maps, through the web. A work has therefore a great and revolutionary aesthetic impact, an art that eliminates every space and time boundary. His works have been published in Adobe’s Behance catalog in 2015; selected by Samsung for “The Frame” project and by Saatchi Art as best of the year 2017; awarded at the IPA in 2012 and at MIFA in 2015. He has exhibited in museums, foundations and galleries in Italy. Currently his works are present in public and private collections in USA, Italy, United Kingdom and Denmark.

The critical

«Land surveyor 2.0, the artist individuates on the cartographies returned from the cosmic space images of a garden never seen before, unexpected, of a new found “Eden” that inhabits the terrestrial globe whit man, despite man.» [Cesare Biasini Selvaggi]


«The landscape is no longer simple landscape but adventure of the thought.» [Chiara Fahimeh Bonanno]

«I enjoyed Max Serradifalco’s web images. But are they photos? Certainly they are. In the end, even the photographic reproduction of a photo is a photo» [Ferdinando Scianna]

«A show that proposes culture as a layer of any cognitive advancement beyond technology. [Piero Longo].

«For centuries art has attempted to imitate Nature in the belief that the validity of a work was commensurate with its ability to reproduce and remain as faithful as possible to reality; but in this new optics it would almost seem that Nature is, albeit unconsciously, imitating art. [Desirée Maida].

«It is purity that almost entirely annuls the photographer and brings to the foreground the object-subject of the photograph. Moreover, the subject-object is so eloquent that it disarms and reduces to the minimum every comment, making it almost superfluous» [Arrigo Musti]

«…Almost by enchantment, in a congeries of modern, or more exactly post-modern, aerial images with a painterly enamel in which everything seems to purify itself, to annihilate itself in the stringency of the natural object, of a geography and geology directly brought to the pupil, to the heart» [Aldo Gerbino]

«​An art that eliminates every space and time boundary.» [Maurizio Marco Tozzi]

«His work immortalizes a landscape as an expression of the continual search for elements that turn into a series of intriguing interlacements» [Vincenzo Prestigiacomo]

«May the Lord impress on you his seal of love so that in your art the finger of God can always be manifested!» [Brother Aurelio Biundo]



2013 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Finalist, UK

2012 IPA (International Photography Awards) “Web Photography”

2012 “Enzo La Grua” Photo Contest

2010 “Enzo La Grua” Photo Contest

2009 IPA (International Photography Awards) “Old Sicily Country”

2007 WWF Prize


Public Collections


Polo Museale Regional of Modern and Contemporary Art of Sicily, Palermo

Exclusiva Design Fondation, Roma

Museum – Observatory of Contemporary Art in Sicily, Bagheria

De Domizio Durini Collection, Pescara


Solo Exhibitions

2018 The Satellite Garden, Magione Arts District, Palermo, 4 – 30 September.

2018 Satellite Photography, Carte Scoperte Gallery, Milan, 21 June – 20 July.

2018 Earth Flags, Palermo Italian Capital of Culture, (San Domenico Cloister), 22 May – 30 September.

2017 Max Serradifalco 10 Years of Photography, Forum Art Gallery, Palermo, 26 May – 16 June.

2017 Meta Land Art. Apofenie Satellitari, Polo Museale Regional of Modern and Contemporary Art of Sicily, Palermo, 8 April – 21 May.

2016 The Virtual Journey. Satellite Views, Exclusiva Design Foundation, Rome, 20 April – 11 May.

2015 Earth. Web Photographs, Paolo Morello Gallery, Palermo, 7 November – 7 December.

2014 Earth. Photo Journey on the Web, Int. Exhibition of the Rome Film Festival, Capitol Club, 16 – 25 October.

2014 Earth. Photo Journey on the Web, Int. Exhibition of Venice Film Festival, House of Show, 27 August – 6 September.

2014 Earth. Photo Journey on the Web, Giffoni Film Festival, Monumental Complex San Francesco, 18 – 27 July.

2014 Earth. Photo Journey on the Web, Frammenti d’arte Gallery, Rome, 22 June – 31 July.

2013 Web Photography. The art of landscape between ‘maps’ and soul, Elle Arte Gallery, Palermo, 16 March – 14 April.

2012 Web Photography, Light CNR, Botanical Garden, Palermo, 27 September.

2012 Web Landscape Photography, Feltrinelli Bookstore, Palermo, 6 April – 3 June.


Collective Exhibitions


2018 BIAS – International Biennial of Sacred Art, Palermo, 14 April – 14 July.

2017 BAU GPS, Global Participation System, GAMC, Viareggio, 1 July – 10 September.

2017 SpacEarth. The Satellite Photography, LABottega Gallery, Pietrasanta, 1 April – 14 May.

2016 Earth, 66° Italian Song Festival, Palafiori, Sanremo, 7 – 13 February.

2015 6pm Your Local Time Europe, Link Art Center, Planetarium of Palermo, 22 July.

2015 The look and the light, Culture Week, Sant’Elia Foundation, Palermo, 10 – 17 May.

2015 Media Art Festival, Capitoline Museums, Centrale Montemartini, Rome, 25 February – 1 March.

2013 Costantino Palace, collective by Roberto Bilotti Ruggi D’Aragona, Palermo, 14 July.


Art Fairs


2016 MIA Photo Fair Milan, Carte Scoperte Gallery, 11 – 13 April.

2015 MIA Photo Fair Milan, Adalberto Catanzaro Gallery, 11 – 13 April.

2014 ArtFactory Catania, Pittalà Gallery, 8 – 11 May.

2013 Art Padova, Pittalà Gallery, 15 – 18 November.